Hilary Folger

Executive Coach

For leaders who want to do more of what they love
and love more of what they do

For Individuals

I work with ambitious founders and leaders who have overstayed their welcome in their comfort zone. Though they may be wildly successful from the outside, they know they're not giving all they have to give to the world and crave something more, something more true to who they are.

We'll work together for 6-12 months, tapping into your unique strengths, gifts, talents and experiences to create the career and life you want.

As a Positive Intelligence Coach, you'll also receive Mental Fitness training to address the root level issues that have been holding you back and to ensure the impact of our work lasts a lifetime. You will build the mindset, habits and skills to surpass any vision you have set for yourself.

For Teams

Companies hire me to transform their business by transforming their people. Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive & positive psychology, and performance science, I guide teams through Positive Intelligence training. Within six weeks, teams dramatically improve their relationships, perform better, feel less stressed, and handle conflict in a way that deepens trust and harmony. The work is intense and transformational, both personally and professionally. It is an investment in your team that will pay for itself many times over.


I have a "whole person" approach to coaching that drives deep personal and professional transformation. We'll tap into your natural way of being that creates value for others without any thought or effort on your part. And from there, we'll create work you love that doesn't require you to sacrifice your health, your family or your sanity.

My coaching is built on advanced Psychology degrees from Stanford University, certifications from CTI and the International Coaching Federation, Positive Intelligence training and decades of leadership in the corporate world.

In addition to coaching, I advise several startups, guide the brand strategy team at Sparkfire and play hard with my family in the wilds of Maine.

Eric Schurenberg

Mansueto Ventures
(Inc. & Fast Company)

“Hilary, in a style I’d characterize as a blend of persistence, insight and diplomacy-without-bullshit, drove us to rethink Inc. It was powerful stuff. I can’t recommend Hilary Folger enough.”

Vlada Bortnik

CEO & Co-founder
Marco Polo

“Hilary is like a breath of fresh air. She is authentic in how she shows up, very creative, and asks really good clarifying questions that get to the core of the matter. She made me feel heard and cared about the business as a whole, not just her piece in it. It was wonderful to work with her.”

Yoko Shimada

Mitera Collection

"I deeply value Hilary’s years of experience in the highest echelons of the corporate world combined with her down-to-earth, compassionate approach. She has helped me identify and deal with the fears and weaknesses that hold me back, find my voice, and realize my power and potential to tackle the obstacles I see in front of me."

Sarah Sullivan

Assoc. Managing Director
Arabella Advisors

“Hilary has moved our future executives to a higher level of leadership. Her coaching has led to concrete benefits for my team and the business as a whole. She is a resource we'll return to again and again.”

Andrew Le

Buoy Health

"Simply put, Hilary helped us clearly define what we believe in. Her work helped us create a core culture that emanates throughout our product and external culture."

Tiffany Peña

Still Novel

"With Hilary I’ve learned how to take ownership as a leader. She gave me the tools I needed to imagine the company and culture I wanted, and then plan and execute to make that aspiration a reality.”

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